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Adminsitrative Services

Furniture Requests


New Furniture:

Requests for new furniture must be placed on a requisition and submitted to the Dean's Administrative Assistant for approval and forwarding to LPC's Administrative Services Office.

Furniture for Building 1600 has been purchased in the past from KI. Quotes for new furniture from KI may be obtained by contacting:

Jessica Gelin, Sales Specialist


Phone: (415) 252-0943

Fax: (510) 380-7407



Used Furniture:

Currently there is no spare furniture, including desks, chairs, tables, and filing cabinets, in the Warehouse at Las Positas College. There may be spare, used furniture at Chabot College. Inquiries regarding spare furniture should be directed to Betty Castano, Administrative Assistant for Maintenance and Operations (M&O) at Las Positas College. In order to place a formal request for used furniture, requesters are asked to create a work order in the M&O Work Order System (SPMMS). In order to submit a work order, you must have GO-Global software on your computer (contact I.T. Department to request) and you must have a Login to SPMMS (contact Betty Castano to request). Click here for instructions on Accessing the SPMMS Work Order System. Faculty should contact their Dean's administrative assistant to submit a work order.




Administrative Services

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