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Adminsitrative Services

Building & Office Issues

Maintenance and Operations is a centralized service at the Chabot-Las Positas College Community District. As such, requests for office or building-related issues, such as those categories listed above, should be submitted to the Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Department.

Emergency requests should be directed to Betty Castano, Administrative Assistant at Las Positas College at or x. 1761.

Routine requests for those categories listed above must be submitted through the M&O Work Order System (SPMMS). In order to submit a work order, you must have GO-Global software on your computer (contact I.T. Department to request) and you must have a Login to SPMMS (contact Betty Castano to request). Click here for instructions on Accessing the SPMMS Work Order System. Faculty should contact their Dean's administrative assistant to submit a work order.


Administrative Services

Diane Brady
Vice President of Administrative Services


Sheri Moore

Natasha Lang

Alesia High

Sharon Davidson