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Integrated Planning Committee

The Integrated Planning Committee (IPC) was researched via the Integrated Planning Task Force from Fall 2012 through Fall 2013. The Task Force presented its recommendation to College Council to establish a college Integrated Planning Committee and this was accepted and voted on at the October 10, 2013 College Council Meeting.

Charge and Responsibilities

The IPC will provide institutional-level planning priorities to the College President by using the Mission, Vision and Values Statements, Strategic Plans, Program Reviews, SLOs, institutional research, and accreditation documents as its focus.  The IPC will be informed by a variety of sources including district priorities, and State, Federal, and ACCJC* mandates, as required.

The responsibilities of the IPC will include, but are not limited to:

  1. Guide the institutional and strategic planning efforts, by establishing planning priorities
  2. Identify, review and revise, as necessary, processes for:
    1. Integrating the College strategic planning documents, including SLO and Program Review documents, into planning
    2. Integrating and communicating the planning priorities to committees for allocation purposes
    3. Integrating the assessment of institutional effectiveness into planning
  3. Provide direction to the Institutional Research office to generate the data and analysis necessary for the planning efforts needed by the college
  4. Review institutional responses to State, Federal and accreditation mandates to ensure incorporation into institutional planning
  5. Recommend planning priorities to the College President
  6. Communicate adopted planning priorities to the College and College Council
  7. Evaluate charge, tasks and membership on a regular basis

Voting Membership

4          Administrators: 1 Vice President, 1 Researcher, 1 Administrator from Administrative Services, 1 Dean

5          Faculty Division Representatives: 1 Student Services, 3 Academic Division, 1 from a CTE Discipline

4          Classified Senate Representatives – All at-large

2          Student Senate Representatives

15 – Total / Quorum: 9

Staff Position Name Position or Area
4 Administrators Vacant VP, Student Services
Roanne Bennie VP, Academic Services
Diane Brady VP, Administrative Services
Sylvia Rodriguez Dean, Enrollment Services
Rajinder Samra Director, Research and Planning
5 Faculty Karin Spirn ALSS
John Ruys BSBA
Colin Schatz STEMPS
Scott Miner CTE Discipline
Angella VenJohn Student Sevices
4 Classified Professionals Frances DeNisco Classified Senate
Bill Eddy Classified Senate
Vacant Classified Senate
Vacant Classified Senate
2 Students Vacant Student Senate
Vacant Student Senate


Non-Voting Membership

College President

* 2 Co-Chairs – both sit on College Council, with 1 vote.   (Can be faculty, classified or administrator.)  [To set up rotating chairs, first year:  one person holds 1 year term, one person holds 2 year term.]

Academic Senate President – can double as voting Division Representative, in case of lack of participants

Classified Senate President/Co-President – can double as voting Classified Senate Representative, in case lack of participants

Student Senate President – can double as Student Senate Representative, in case lack of participants

Faculty Association (FA) Representative

SEIU Representative

8 - Total



*Co-Chairs:    Due to the complexity and volume of work of this committee, Co-Chairs are seen as necessary.  An application to co-chair may be submitted by faculty, classified or administrator during May of the previous academic year, so that reassigned time for faculty may be arranged.

Approved by College Council 10/10/13



Integrated Planning Committee

Rajinder Samra
Director of Research and Planning


Second Thursday
2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Room 1687