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Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Committee (IPEC)



Staff Position

Name Position or Area
4 Administrators William Garcia VP, Student Services
Diane Brady VP, Administrative Services
Roanna Bennie VP, Academic Services
Rajnder Samra Director, Research and Planning
6 Faculty Karin Spirn A&H
John Ruys CATSS
Ruchira Majumdar MSEPS
Scott Miner CTE Discipline
Michelle Zapata Student Sevices
Vacant BHWAK
6 Classified Professionals Frances DeNisco Classified Senate
Billy Eddy Classified Senate
David Rodriguez Classified Senate
3 Vacant Classified Senate
2 Students 2 Vacant Student Senate




Institutional Planning and Effectiveness Committee (IPEC)

Rajinder Samra
Director of Research and Planning


Second Thursday
2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Room 1687