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Planning & Budget Committee

Fall 2017 IE Requests


Instructional Equipment Requests

Fall-01 Magnetic Whiteboard for Mac Lab A&H
Fall-02 Video Recording & Editing Equipment A&H
Fall-03 Performance Surfacing for Dance A&H
Fall-04 Drawing Tables and Chairs for Art Studio A&H
Fall-05 Literature/Sheet Music for Performing Ensembles A&H
Fall-06 String Instruments and Bass Bows A&H
Fall-07 Instrument Storage Cabinets A&H
Fall-08 Commedia Dell'Arte Comedy Masks A&H
Fall-09 Flammables Cabinet A&H
Fall-10 Countryman Isomax Shure Wireless Mics A&H
Fall-11 Mics for Band and Orchestra Performances A&H
Fall-12 Mics for Performing Arts A&H
Fall-13 Countryman Isomax XLR Connector Mics A&H
Fall-14 LED Pace Clocks/Time Clocks BHAWK
Fall-15 Anthropology Lab Equipment CATSS
Fall-16 Library Provided Wi-Fi Mobile Hotspots CATSS
Fall-17 Hybrid/Electric/Fuel Cell Vehicle Tool Sets CATSS
Fall-18 Robotic Welding Education Cell CATSS
Fall-19 Plasma Torch Assembly CATSS
Fall-20 Global Map Set for Geography Classroom MSEPS
Fall-21 AGI Physical Geology Printed Lab Manuals MSEPS
Fall-22 Augmented Reality Sandbox Equipment MSEPS
Fall-23 Stainless Steel Tanks MSEPS
Fall-24 Rotary Fermention Oak Casks MSEPS
Fall-25 Hardness Tester, Muffle Furnace, Instron Update/Calib. MSEPS
Fall-26 EMS Training Equipment MSEPS
Fall-27 Molecular Model Kits MSEPS
Fall-28 Periodic Tables for Science Classes MSEPS
Fall-29 Organic Chemistry Equipment MSEPS
Fall-30 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer MSEPS




Resource Allocation

Titian Lish, Chairperson


First Thursday
2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Room 1687