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Instructional Equipment Requests

Below are the necessary definitions, rubric, and request form for the Instructional Equipment Request (IER) process. The Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) will utilize the definitions, rubric, and form to review all IERs and make recommendations to the President. RAC stresses the importance of quality requests and encourages all requesters to consult the IER rubric when writing the request. RAC may choose not to rank incomplete requests. If you have any questions about the Instructional Equipment process, please contact the Administrative Services Office.


Each Instructional Equipment Request must include a Quotation (with tax, shipping, and installation if applicable) and a Requisition signed by the Dean and Vice President.


Emergency Equipment Replacement: The committee reserves 5% of the annual budget for the emergency replacement of unrepairable instructional equipment.  Such requests (w/requisitions) should be submitted to the requestor’s Dean who will forward the request to the VP of Administrative Services.  Equipment from approved requests may be purchased immediately and a summary should be presented at the subsequent RAC meeting.








Previous Year Instructional Equipment Requests


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