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Planning & Budget Committee

RAC: Classified & Administrative Positions


Intent of RAC Prioritization:

These newly created positions or increases in hours to existing positions shall be presented to the Resource Allocation Committee (RAC) to begin the funding approval process. This process plans for providing budget dollars for these increases or new positions once approved for placement on the Position Control document. Grant-funded positions for new or increased hours should also be reviewed by RAC for information only. RAC encourages all requests for classified and administrative positions to be submitted on a Classified & Administrative Position Request form found on the committee website with the following exceptions.

Exceptions include:


RAC will accept requests for classified and administrative positions at any time if the position is grant funded and doesn’t impact the general fund. The position request must be on the RAC agenda and will be an “information only” item.




Approved by RAC, December 3, 2015


Resource Allocation

Titian Lish, Chairperson


First Thursday
2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
Room 1687