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Academic Senate Program Review Self Study 2010

Program Review Self Study (85K Word)


The Academic Senate represents the faculty, on all non-collective bargaining matters, in collegial consultation related to certain academic and professional matters as defined in Title V of the Ed Code.  On these selected matters, the Board of Trustees will "rely primarily"* upon the advice and judgment of the Academic Senate in the following areas listed in Ed Code Section 53201, which is consistent with Board Policy 2015:

The Academic Senate will also participate through “mutual agreement”* in the following areas:

Should there be recommendations developed by the Las PositasCollege Academic Senate that are in conflict with the Chabot College Academic Senate and need joint resolution, these issues shall be referred to the District Governance Council. 


* In consulting collegially, the definitions that apply are:

"Rely primarily" means that recommendations will be forwarded to the Board by the Academic Senate, after consultation with the President and Chancellor, and will be accepted by the Board in most cases.  In instances where a recommendation is not accepted, the Board's decision shall be based on a clear and substantive rationale that puts the explanation for the decision in an accurate, appropriate, and relevant context.  If a recommendation is not approved, the Board or its designee shall promptly communicate its reason(s) in writing to the Senate.  If such recommendations are not accepted, existing policies and procedures will remain in force.

“Mutually agree” means: Agreeing that the District governing board or such representatives as it may designate (Chancellor, President) and the representatives of the Academic Senate shall have the obligation to reach mutual agreement by written resolution, regulation, or policy of the governing board effectuating such recommendations.

Senate representation from each Division is determined by a ratio formula determined by the Senate and identified within the Las Positas College Senate Operating Rules.  Senators from each Division are elected by a majority of the members of that Division.  Senators from the part-time faculty are elected by a majority of votes cast by the part-time faculty. Senate terms are for one year (with the exception of the President, which is a two-year term), with a maximum of three consecutive years.


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