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Accreditation Time-Line - Tentative Schedule

Summer 2007:      

Fall 2007

Aug 16 -- flex day


Aug/Sept- Focus groups

Sept 21- WASC training for Steering Committee and Chairs

Sept- Faculty and staff sign-up for Standard Committee teams

Oct – type up Focus groups report

Early Oct- print surveys

Mid Oct- Launch Surveys (Student and Staff)

Nov- scan/correct surveys

Dec- Town Hall meeting

Spring 2008

            Feb 14 – Flex day

            Feb – April:  Complete 1st Draft and post on WIKI for open comments

April 28-May 19: Complete 2nd Draft

Summer 2008           

Fall 2008           

Aug- Flex-day:   Training to edit 3rd draft- emphasis on Planning Agendas

October:  Campus reviews and comments on 3rd draft, using WIKI.

October/November: Expert reviews (administrators and assigned faculty w/ stipend)

October: Themes completed and posted

            Nov/Dec- Drafts to Mike as completed

            Dec 1-5- Focus groups on each standard           

Spring 2009

            Jan – Meeting with graphic designer

            Jan 30 Comprehensive draft completed

            Feb- Comprehensive draft to College Council

Feb-April- Draft to Board of Trustees? (Ask D.P. how she thinks this will work)

Feb- Re-run Staff Survey on key variables

March- run staff data from F2007 and Sp2009


June – submit Self Study to WASC (must be submitted by July 1, 2009)

Fall 2009

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Academic Services

Roanna Bennie
Vice President

Carolyn Y. Scott
Executive Assistant

Andrea Migliaccio
Curriculum & Scheduling Specialist

Madeline Wiest
Curriculum & SLO Specialist