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Compressed Calendar Research

Las Positas College

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Other Institutional Research

  1. “Should Cypress College change their current schedule?” (Cypress College)
  2. Schedule draws mixed reactions (Los Rios College)
  3. Introducing the Sweet 16 (Cypress College) (PDF)
  4. Proposed compressed calendar to go into effect as soon as 2002 (Citrus College)
  5. Research on Various Community Colleges which have changed schedule.
  6. Steven Spurling UCSF: “Compression of Semesters or Intensity of Study…” (PDF)
  7. Peter Geltner , Santa Monica College “The Influence of Term Length on Student Success” (PDF)
  8. CCCCD Compressed Calendar Research (781K PDF)
  9. Porterville College on faculty availability to teach courses on a compressed calendar (39K PDF)

Office of the Vice President Academic Services

David M. Johnson, Ph.D.
Interim VP

Carolyn Y. Scott
Executive Assistant

Andrea Migliaccio
Curriculum & Scheduling Specialist

Madeline Wiest
Curriculum & SLO Specialist