Vineyard view

California Native Plant Trail at LPC


From Tom Fuller, Horticulture Instructor:

Take a break and have a stroll down our LPC California Native Plant Nature trail, on the North side of the Loop Road.

On Saturday, July 19, 2014, members of the Horticulture Club installed a handmade bench made from recycled wood at a shady spot with a fabulous view of the golden hills and vineyard to the North.

The California Native Plant Area was planted in 1984/1985 by 3 employees from the M&O Dept., John Rodrigues, Stan Barnes, and Tom Fuller. All the trees and shrubs are native to California. Most of the trees were started from 1 gallon nursery cans. There have been some later additions, and sadly some deaths over the years. We believe in survival of the fittest. The plants receive no water or fertilizer after the first year or two. Someday, I would like this area to achieve arboretum status.

M&O calls the area "Sherwood Forest". When we were planting it, several arrows flew over the road from the archery class on the old athletic field (where the Performing Arts Center now resides. We thought Robin Hood was on the loose.

Several years ago the Horticulture Club planted several Arbutus menziesii, Madrone Trees, that we grew from tiny seeds (about the size of poppy seeds) in our greenhouse propagation area. They have very distinctive mahogany red trunks. They are now 4-6 feet tall and some day will be a beautiful grove lining the North side of the Loop Rood.

This fall, the Horticulture Club is planning on adding herbaceous California Native Plants to the area for the first time. We are putting the money we earned from the plant sales to use for the betterment of our campus community. We have also installed drip irrigation this summer to the Olive Orchard we planted. Improved Olive Production should provide the opportunity for more folks to purchase our fabulous Las Positas Virgin Olive Oil this fall. They make great Christmas Gifts.

Tom Fuller
Horticulture Instructor

July 22, 2014




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