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4CS: April 21, 2008 Rally Highlights

>>> "Souza, Monica" <SouzaM@SCC.LOSRIOS.EDU> 4/24/2008 9:07 AM >>>
City College of San Francisco Classified Senate

I was fortunate enough to be given time off from my job at Sacramento
City College to attend the Rally in Sacramento on Monday, April 21,
2008. Since our board members are located throughout our great state it
is not always feasible for some to attend (non-local) events. This event
was sponsored by Students for a California's Future.

I was wearing 4 hats while I attended this rally. I am a student,
classified staff, 4CS President and CCLC Board of Director so depending
on the conversation, I wear the hat(s) that fits. I wore my 4CS shirt
with my SCC label pin. I did not circulate any petitions but I spoke to
students, friends in attendance, Bonnie Slosson CCLC Director of
Governmental Relations, took pictures (see attached) and carried a sign
that read, "Graduates = Taxpayers (one side)-(other side) Governor
Support AB2277" with some info on the bill.

I would say there was about 2,000 - 3,000 students who marched from
Raley field in West Sacramento to the North Steps of the State Capitol.
Students came from UC's, CSU's and Community Colleges  as far south as
San Diego and as far north as Humboldt (from what I saw). There were
several legislative members who spoke at the podium during the Press
Conference on the Capitol steps. In my opinion, the rally was a success.

If you need any further information you can contact me directly. Thank
you for following up.

Monica Souza, 4CS President <>


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