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Classified Senate

California Community College
Classified Senate (4CS)


The California Community College Classified Senate (4CS) is a non-profit organization, formed by the California Community College's classified staff to serve as the statewide classified senate. 4CS supports the leadership roles of classified staff in the governance of the California Community College System through the development and support of local senates, advocating increased involvement at the state level, and promoting leadership skills among classified staff.

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4CS Classified Leadership Institute


Las Positas College Classified Senate: Awarded Statewide Model Senate Award 2011

Announcement of Model Senate Award

Congratulatory Remarks to Classified Senate

"What's Right at LPC" Nomination and Acknowledgment


4CS Classified Leadership Institute - June 2011

Notes from attendee Lilia Camino.

"4CS Connection"Newsletter June 2011

4CS Statewide Participation List June 2011


4CS Classified Senate Leadership Institute - June 3-6, 2009

Brief Meeting Notes from Attendees (Lang, Gach, Eddy, Zeigler)


4CS: April 21, 2008 Rally Highlights

Comments by Monica Souza, 4CS President


4CS Rally MarchersCapitalMarchersCapital1Rally


Second Thursday
1:00 - 2:30 p.m.
Room 1687


Classified Senate

Amanda Ingold
Heidi Ulrech

Vice President
of Communications


Vice President
of Fundraising


Vice President
of Activities

Frances DeNisco

Daysi Valle

Julie Thornburg
Carolyn Scott

Carol Edson

Sunshine Person
Sharon Davidson