The Student Success Support Program (SSSP)/Student Equity Committee


The SSSP/Equity Committee advises the Director of Student Success and Equity about the implementation of programs and services that provide access for all students. This consultation fosters student retention, persistence and success by focusing on orientation, assessment, counseling, advising and other educational planning services as well as following up on at risk students.    The committee also advises the Director regarding programs and services for targeted student populations identified in the Student Equity Plan as disproportionally impacted and under-represented. Student Equity Success indicators are to measure access, course completion, ESL and Basic Skills Completion, Degree and Certificate Completion and Transfer. The Committee assists the Director in updating both the SSSP Plan and the Student Equity plan as needed.


Vice President of Student Services

2 Student Services Deans

2 Academic Deans

1 Librarian

5 faculty members (one from each Division)

5 classified professionals (3 from Student Services)

2 students

Non-voting Members

Director of Student Success and Equity----Chairperson

Vice President of Administrative Services

Vice President of Academic Services

Director of Institutional Research or designee

President of Academic Senate

Basic Skills Committee Chair

Term:  Two years