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Enrollment Management

Charge of Committee

The role of the CEMC is to coordinate and facilitate the development of discipline plans that enable the College to meet or exceed annual WSCH/FTEF targets established by the District Enrollment Management Committee (DEMC).  The CEMC works in consultation and collaboration with faculty and administrators to allocate FTEF, and to set productivity targets.  The CEMC provides enrollment data and other supporting information to enable faculty in each discipline to develop discipline plans that correspond to the College’s productivity/enrollment targets.  The CEMC targets and maximizes student success, access, and equity.  The CEMC evaluates discipline plans and recommends them to the appropriate Vice President for approval and scheduling.  The CEMC is established in the contract between the District and the Faculty Association.

Reporting Relationship

President and DEMC

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Enrollment Management

LaVaughn Hart


2017 - 2018

2nd and 4th Fridays (as needed)