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Program Review 2006 - 2010


Prior to the establishment of the Instructional Program Review Committee in 2009, this site was the official program review website, maintained by the Office of Academic Services.

The Instructional Program Review Committee is now the Program Review Committee and maintains a committee webpage which you can access by clicking here.

The contents of these pages will be archived or moved to the Program Review Committee website over the next few months.

Program Review Prior to 2012

Program Review is a vital and dynamic process for educational planning. Its purpose is as an internal review of instructional programs designed so that improvements can be made via a systematic, cyclical review process.  The results of each Program Review should supply programs with resources (may be both monetary and non- monetary) to improve program effectiveness and ultimately to improve the opportunity for students to receive a quality education.

The Program Review Process at Las Positas College is done every four years. The Full Program Review includes both a narrative response and a template for goal development and implementation timelines.  Within the four year cycle, each program is required to update its template on a yearly basis. The template for yearly updates is different than the four year cycle template and includes both an opportunity to change, add, or delete goals, and also a corresponding link to how the completion of a goal has helped to improve the program’s effectiveness.

The Program Review Process is connected to the Shared Governance process through the Program Review Database developed to incorporate each discipline’s goals into the fiber of the committee responsible for assisting you with resources. These committees are reflected in the templates as “Institutional Process”.  Each committee will be required to review the Program Review Goals in light of its’ yearly planning and allocation process.

Because the Program Review Process is so vital to the planning of the college, the Program Review Task Force will review and, with the assistance of faculty and staff, evaluate the process every three years so that improvements can be developed, approved and implemented before the next full Program Review cycle.

Questions about the Program Review Process may be addressed to the Vice President of Academic Senate or the Vice President of Academic Services.

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Committee meets per program review evaluation to determine changes made for increased effectiveness in institutional planning.

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